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The CSI Coimbatore Diocese Women’s Fellowship is an integral and active part of the larger Church of South India (CSI) Coimbatore Diocese. It is a dedicated group of women within the diocese who come together in faith, service, and community to further the values and missions of their Christian faith.

The CSI Coimbatore Diocese Women’s Fellowship is a community of Christian women who are deeply committed to living out the teachings of Jesus Christ in their daily lives. With a rich history and a strong presence in the diocese, this fellowship plays a vital role in promoting faith, unity, and service among women of all ages.

The fellowship provides a nurturing and inclusive space for women to grow spiritually, develop strong bonds of sisterhood, and engage in various ministries and charitable activities. These activities encompass a wide range of initiatives, from Bible study and prayer groups to outreach programs, social services, and community development projects.

Mrs Anny Hemalatha Ravinder - President

Mrs Anny Hemalatha Ravinder


One of the key aspects of the CSI Coimbatore Diocese Women’s Fellowship is its dedication to empowering women both within the church and in society at large. Through educational programs, vocational training, and leadership development, the fellowship equips women with the skills and knowledge needed to make a positive impact in their families, communities, and workplaces.

This fellowship also actively participates in mission and outreach efforts, reaching out to the less fortunate and marginalized members of society. They are involved in philanthropic work, providing support for the needy, and addressing social issues such as poverty, healthcare, and education.

In addition to their spiritual and charitable activities, the women’s fellowship hosts gatherings, conferences, and events that promote spiritual growth and personal development. These events often feature guest speakers, workshops, and opportunities for fellowship, allowing women to connect with one another on a deeper level.

Overall, the CSI Coimbatore Diocese Women’s Fellowship is a dynamic and compassionate group of women who strive to live out their faith, serve their communities, and uplift one another through their shared commitment to Christ and Christian values. Their tireless efforts make a significant and positive impact within the diocese and beyond.

Women's Centre

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1077, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore - 641 018.


Coimbatore Area

Women Fellowship

Mrs.Glory Latha David President - CBE

Mrs.Glory Latha David

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Mrs Hannah Austin Vice President

Mrs Hannah Austin

Vice President

Mrs Esther - Secretary

Mrs Esther


Mrs Thenmozhi Vinod - Treasurer

Mrs Thenmozhi Vinod

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Nilgiri Area

Women Fellowship

Mrs Jaya Freeda Arun - president

Mrs Jaya Freeda Arun

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Mrs Florence Robinson V P

Mrs Florence Robinson

Vice President
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Mrs Sathya Benjamin

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Mrs Thilaga Thomas - Secretary

Mrs Thilaka Thomas



Tirupur Area

Women Fellowship

Mrs Sangeetha Prabhudass


Mrs.S. Beenu Pradeep Kamal

Vice President
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Mrs G Thilagam Duraiswamy


Mrs M Pushpam




The Formation of Women Fellowship In The Coimbatore Diocese

The Coimbatore Diocese was inaugurated in the year 1950 and Rt. Rev. Dr. A.J. Appasamy became the first Bishop of the Diocese.

The Bishop in his first speech called all the believers and the members of the Churches to pray for revival, understanding, peace and unity among Churches.  He proposed the first two years period as period of prayer and preparation for renewal.

The fist Diocesan Council was held on 28th September 1950.  In that council several Committee conveners and office bearers were elected for the administration of the work of Diocese. 

Thus the Coimbatore Diocese and its work among women came into being on 27th & 28th September 1950.

The CSI WF General Secretary Sr.Carol Graham visited the Diocese and encouraged female missionaries, Presbyter as, Women lay leaders of the Diocese to establish Women Fellowship in each pastorate in accordance with constitution and bylaws of the CSI Women Fellowship. Followed by this the Women leaders and the Bishop appoint a fulltime D.W.F Secretary Sr. Grace violet Aaron from 1950 -1953. M.S. Freeda May Wilson and Miss. Hilda maud Wood supervised the Women’s Work and the Women fellowship work in Diocese.

Thus the Women Fellowship started functioning with guidance of the CSI Women Fellowship Synod’s constitution and under the leadership of the Diocesan Women Fellowship & Women’s work Committee.
The Women’s Work Committee appointed the representatives to all pastorates. It had 19 members with Mrs. Grace Appasamy, the Bishop’s wife, as president and Ms. Hilda M.Wood as its Convener. Thus, Women Fellowship organized took over all the Women’s work carried on among the women, to develop it throughout the Diocese under its president.

The DWF started its function with the basic principle of self-supporting self governing and self propagating under the Chairmanship of the the Bishop.

The objectives of the Fellowship:-

  • To motivate members in Prayer, service and witness.
  • To set an example of true Christian life
  • To uphold the sanctity and of Christian marriage
  • To help mothers in their responsibility of Christian upbringing of their children

The office bearers of DWF took all possible ways and means and adopted several management techniques to educate the women of the Church to function and work for the spiritual awaking, revival and growth of each congregation. Since 1953 under the able committed secretary ship of Sr. Grace V. Aaron interested women were trained to be leaders, to plan, to visit villages and Churches, etc.

This committee met during the conference and decided to organize a campaign for the purpose of starting WF’S in every village and in every pastorate. This Sub-committee meeting held on the first day, lead by Mrs. E. Durairaj framed the constitution in accordance with the CSI Women Fellowship constitution and the activities of Diocesan Women Fellowship and the Pastorate Women’s Fellowship. The Second day meeting under the leadership of Miss. K. Suganthi, elected the office bearers. Mrs. E. Durairaj as the Vice-President and Mrs. G. Arulanandan as Treasurer area were unanimously elected and they became the first elected office bearers of DWF

The DWF Function and constitution were approved by the Executive committee of the Diocese. From that day onwrds the women’s fellowship office bearers of the Diocese worked hard to train the women leaders to establish WF branches in all the pastorate to fulfill the aims and activities and there by support the Churches spiritual growth and development. By the end of 1957 it was reported by the Secretary that there were around 200 WF branches were started.

The WF routine works and activities are carried out systematically in the pastorate area and the Diocesan levels. The finance for all the Women’s work of the DWF at the levels is given by the members of the WF, and the supporting members of the WF. Donations and the contributions by the well wishers, diocesan institution collected by the fellowships with Bishop’s authorization and by raising funds through annual sale, Hundi collection during lent days. But the finance spent for the committee meetings of WWC and the Salaries of the women workers are given by the Dioceses.

After 1987 under the leadership of DWF president Mrs. Devarani Moses the work of WWC were bifocal namely spiritual awaking as well as social awareness and service. During that period some important community development works were carried out through decade programmes of 1988-1998. Under the title CSI package development programe for rural and urban women through this progamme many skill training program or courses were conducted as self help groups to be empowered at Coimbatore. St Anns Human Resource Centre was constructed along with crisis center for women in distress as project of DWF, Keremehas – Kendra for Multiple Handicapped Adult sister project was started in 1996 at Coimbatore in same premises of St Anns Human Resource Centre.

The Spiritual growth and development leadership training, poor children education and empowerment programmes, community oriented programmes are given special priority. The spirt of Revival and Evangelism Dioceses is the prime aim of all the activities women and children, tribal women and children in crisis program, the young women Empowerment program are some of the important issues based mission and service being carried on. Rice Bank a special project started in 2002 for needy, poor and Leprosy People. CSI Priority Programme. The Girls Child programme was lauched and carried out in action with many number of beneficiaries. The Nesam Prisoners family welfare programme is also an important one. The Mother and child Health Programme is another milestone through its services.

Under dynamic leadership of Mrs. Anny Hemalatha Ravider our Diocesan Women Fellowship is marching forward in the path of success with the motto “Arise and Shine”.

To God Be the Glory.

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