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Children Ministry of our Coimbatore Diocese has been ever present since its inception till date. It has become a grassroot department honing all children with the knowledge of Christianity and the love of Christ, based on the principles of the Church of South India.

Children ministry is an individual working department under the Coimbatore Diocese with the Bishop Rt. Rev. Timothy Ravinder as its head. The Department consists of the Convener, the Director of Children ministry and the workers. The Diocese is divided into 3 areas for ease of administration and each area- Nilgiri, Coimbatore and Tirupur has 2 workers each.


“And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.” Mark 10:16

In accordance with the above verse, the children ministry department focuses on building up the children with Christ’s blessings.

“Ship your grain across the sea; after many days you may receive a return.” Ecclesiastes 11:1

With the inducement of the above stated verse, we train and enrich the children’s biblical knowledge, to show the path of righteousness and to build a better foundation for the future pillars of our Church!


Rev. Prince Peter was the first convener and Director of Children Ministry, Coimbatore Diocese and Rev. Paul Jayasingh Das of our Coimbatore Diocese was the first children ministry worker. Their efforts providing a strong foundation and with the efforts of all the succeeding Conveners, Directors and workers through the years, the department has been built brick by brick and is currently a fruitful and ever growing ministry.

The Convener and the Director of the Department heads all the operations with 6 Area workers placed across the Diocese to carry out the ministry.

The Ministry Carried out by the Department throughout the year


With the birth of the new year, we the Children ministry starts the year with the crown jewel event & the most anticipated event “THE SUNDAY SCHOOL CHILDREN & TEACHERS ANNUAL CAMP”. We conduct this event during the Pongal holidays. This camp will have over 2000 participants and a three day schedule will be conducted. The main motto of this event is to have a get together with Christ and with the fellow Sunday school Children as well. This event is to induce & enlighten the thirst of Christ with theme-based programs, music, songs and its chores. Talent events like drawing, singing, teacher’s exam, and Bible quiz & bible tableau will be held. A lot of kids accepted Christ as their saviour through this camp. Those who were touched by God through this event call us & shares their prayers and witness with us

February: Diocesan level Sunday School Annual Exams.

At the end of the February, we conduct the annual exam in all the churches with the syllabus issued to the Sunday class representatives. Oral examination for beginner students and written exams for the classes from primary to senior level. From setting up the questions to the result declaration, children ministry does its part. The results were released over World Wide Web through our web page. The top 3 score holders will be honoured by the diocese and all the participants will receive their honorary certificates.

March: Planning For VBS

Songs for the VBS, stories, bible stories, Missionary stories, syllabus and daily events will be compiled for the final scrutiny. Song composition, recording and song choreographies, drama scripts & story board works will be done during this month. All of the above stated works will be done by our children ministry alone

April: VBS Directors Training Programme

Over 200 centres will be compromised for the VBS. minimum of 300 participants/VBS Directors will be trained under story telling, Acting, Choreography (Action) & extracurricular activities. The participants gain complete knowledge how about the work flow of the VBS. special sessions will be conducted by the Convener, the Director & by the area workers as well.

May: Vacation Bible School

The most important event of all time, yeah it is the Vacation Bible School. Directors to all the centres will be handpicked & sent to the designated churches from the end of April till the end of May. VBS are conducted in every nook & corner around the diocese areas.VBS have been an aisle for plenty of non Christian children to know about our saviour Jesus Christ.

June & July: Sunday School Teacher Training Programme

Sunday school teacher training program A special one-day training for the Sunday school teachers on the new songs, upcoming academic year syllabus. Exclusive sessions were conducted every year by the Convener, The Director & by the children workers. Sessions for understanding children psychology and class wise subject know how sessions are also included in this program. this helps the teachers to understand the subjects & syllabus as well.

August, September & October: Diocesan Level Sunday school Children Sunday

Every year august 2nd week Sunday is considered as the diocesan level Sunday school Children Sunday. A dedicated order of service has been followed & special programs by the Sunday school children will be conducted during the service. The children ministry workers will be invited to share the word of God. Following the service one-day children retreat will be held. Theme based events, stories, drama’s, puppet& human puppet programs are its extra credentials.

November & December: Season of Advent and Carols

It is a fun filled programme for the Sunday school children. An Inter-school Sunday event under a title related to the Christmas. Children performs a drama, a song and a dance under 10mins of time, yes, it is challenging. Churches will be categorized under urban, semi-urban, rural, schools & hostels. The top 3 winners will be honoured with the rolling trophies and the participants will receive the honorary awards at the end of the event. This event takes place in all of the Diocesan areas.

Other Regular Programmes

We are bust throughout the year, yet we still visit the schools to teach the moral values & moral stories to the school children. It is a 30-minute program especially for the school kids. Our children ministry workers meet the Sunday classes as well every week in their respective areas to teach the Sunday school children & its representatives as well. Prayers are the backbone of our ministry. Our children workers & Sunday school teachers joined hands together in Coimbatore to conduct Fasting Prayer especially for the children ministry on every second Saturday of the month.



Children Ministry

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Children Ministry

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