Diocesan Board of Mission (DBM)


Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark :16:15.
DBM has been the backbone of the Coimbatore Diocese since 27th September 1950. 
37 Believers were baptized in the year 2021, 2022. Synod and DBM joined together and conducted Free Medical camp at Kolli Hills with CSI Hospital Erode on 13.08.2021 – 190 people were benefitted. Tree planting Festival held on 14th August 2021 at Thindurpatti, Kolli Hills. 14 New Missionaries were appointed in New Mission fields. Nearly 60 Churches observed DBM Sundays, 4 missionaries were dedicated by our beloved Bishop. One Toda mission Prayer Hall constructed, one Missionary house was constructed which has been stopped for many years at Guttur, Krishnagiri , nearly 20 Churches were observed DBM Lent meetings, 5 DBM Missionaries were trained Fist Aid Medical Training at CSI Mission Hospital, Madurai Through Synod Mission department.
Nearly 25 New Prayer cell were started.
95 women were Trained Tailoring Training through central Government project in our DBM field Vellikadu and Keeraikadu at Kolli Hills.
Synod Tribal Programme was conducted in our Irulas Tribal Boys Home at Kunjapanai 2023 300 people were benefitted,

Rev. I. D. Jacob Ravikumar


Rev. A. Sargunam

DBM Convenor

Name Details Mobile
Mr. D. Raju Nilgiri Area 97879 12972, 86673 32337
Name Details Mobile
Mr. C. Sironmani Coimbatore & Tirupur Area Promotional Worker & Co- operative Colony Mission field,  Coimbatore Dt 97866 98897, 97897 12885
Name Details Mobile
Mr. G. Daniel Yuvaraj New Hope – Seepuram Mission Field, Nilgiri Dt 88070 02765
Mr. Y. oy Christy Erumaud & Vettuvadi Malayalam Mission Field,  Nilgiri Dt 94869 50815/ 89034 34629
Mr. S. David Raj Glenmorgan Toda Mission Field,  Nilgiri Dt 94894 57235, 97514 28441
Mr. A. Youwan Salisha Ketherai – Sogathorai Baduga Mission Field  - Nilgiri 87543 56713
Mr. K. Charles Kozhikarai  &  Kattabettu Mission Field,, Nilgiri Dt 94886 49746, 97511 55746
Mr. S. Vinodh Daniel Thoothurmattam & Sholrack, Nilgiri Dt 63845 67878, 81100 21812
Mrs. Sabita Coonoor – II Hindi 80985 13447
Name Details Mobile
Mr. A. Selvaraj Thaiyanoor  Mission Field, Coimbatore Dt 90959 52273
Mr. R. John David Kinnathukaduvu Mission Field, Coimbatore Dt 98650 20055, 85248 36172
Mr. D. Gopinathan Mailkal Mission Field, Coimbatore Dt 88839 39551
Mrs. G. Sudha Kurumbapalayam Mission Field, Coimbatore Dt 85084 57529, 87781 23034
Name Details Mobile
Mr.D. Jebasteen Raj Rasipalayam  Mission Field,  Coimbatore Dt 88384 62931
Mr. P. John Malsingh Nadupalayam Mission Field, Coimbatore Dt 73395 63274
Mr. K. Saravanan Asir Ponnapuram  Mission Field, Tirupur Dt 94436 29911, 63782 67515
Mrs. A. Sangeetha Gethsiyal Sipcot Tirupur area Hindi Mission field 89737 85460

Diocesan Board of Mission

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